Use Class B7 Special Industrial Group E

The Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 (as changed) puts employments of area and structures into different classifications known as ‘Use Classes‘.

use class - B7

Use for carrying on any of the following industries, businesses or trades :-
  • Boiling blood, chitterlings, nettlings or soap
  • Boiling, burning, grinding or steaming bones
  • Boiling or cleaning tripe
  • Breeding maggots from putrescible animal matter
  • Cleaning, adapting or treating animal hair
  • Curing fish
  • Dealing in rags and bones (including receiving, storing, sorting or manipulating rags in, or likely to become in, an offensive condition, or any bones, rabbit skins, fat or putrescible animal products of a similar nature)
  • Dressing or scraping fish skins
  • Drying skins
  • Making manure from bones, fish, offal, blood, spent hops, beans or other putrescible animal or vegetable matter
  • Making or scraping guts
  • Manufacturing animal charcoal, blood albumen, candles, catgut, glue, fish oil, size or feeding stuff for animals or poultry from meat, fish, blood, bone, feathers, fat or animal offal either in an offensive condition or subjected to any process causing noxious or injurious effluvia
  • Melting, refining or extracting fat or tallow
  • Preparing skins for working
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