Use Class B6 Special Industrial Group D

The Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 (as changed) puts employments of area and structures into different classifications known as ‘Use Classes‘.

Use Class B6 Special Industrial Group D

A B6 building use is for :
  • Distilling, refining or blending oils (other than petroleum or petroleum products)
  • Producing or using cellulose or using other pressure sprayed metal finishes (other than in vehicle repair workshops in connection with minor repairs, or the application of plastic powder by the use of fluidised bed and electrostatic spray techniques)
  • Boiling linseed oil or running gum
  • Processes involving the use of hot pitch or bitumen (except the use of bitumen in the manufacture of roofing felt at temperatures not exceeding 220°C and also the manufacture of coated roadstone)
  • Stoving enamelled ware
  • Producing aliphatic esters of the lower fatty acids, butyric acid, caramel, hexamine, iodoform, napthols, resin products (excluding plastic moulding or extrusion operations and producing plastic sheets, rods, tubes, filaments, fibres or optical components produced by casting, calendering, moulding, shaping or extrusion), salicylic acid or sulphonated organic compounds
  • Producing rubber from scrap
  • Chemical processes in which chlorphenols or chlorcresols are used as intermediates
  • Manufacturing acetylene from calcium carbide
  • Manufacturing, recovering or using pyridine or picolines, any methyl or ethyl amine or acrylates
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