We launched our new website

Drawing and Planning have just launched our new website www.drawingandplanning.com. The new web portal offers our customers detailed planning information and many examples of our low cost planning consultancy and planning drawing services. Drawing and Planning give property owners the opportunity to gain planning permission for less than half the price of traditional architects and planning consultants.

There are many laws, regulations and guidelines which a local council will use to make a decision on a planning application. It is therefore beneficial to use a planning consultant or architect, but one of the first thing that comes to mind is the expense, so many try to go it alone or face large bills. Drawing and Planning offer an inexpensive service to help our customers achieve first time planning application success.

Drawing and Planning’s founder, property developer Jeremy Stein got fustrated after paying exorbatent architect fee’s everytime he wanted planning for one of his  building sites. He started the company by employing students part-time and getting them to design his properties in a way that was geared towards maximising planning permission for his developments. This proved a great success and since then Drawing and Planning have gone on to offer this service to people all over London.

Jeremy said “I set up Drawing and Planning to lower the cost of obtaining planning permission, we provide a complete planning package for an affordable price. The new website provides our customers with information that most planning consultants would prefer to charge for. Our initial consultation is free and can usually be done over the phone. We are currently only offering our service to Greater London but intend to start offering a similar service in Manchester and Leeds by next year. Since we opened we have received a great response and look forward to helping all our customers gain planning consent.”

Jeremy also provides some recission busting advice “You should add value to your property rather than waiting for the price to increase over time. Planning permission is essentially a piece of paper but by adding floor space to your property through a rear or side extension, a loft conversion, or a conversion to units you are adding that value”

About Drawing and Planning

Drawing and Planning have a proven track record across London, offering a modern approach to planning.  We make the planning application process easier by using the latest technology and as well as an abudnace of useful information our website contains a blog, online payment facility, live chat with a planning consultant and a login area for downloading files such as drawings and checking the progress of your application. For more information please visit Drawing and Planning Website.

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