Garage Planning Permission

Planning Permission will be needed for a garage if any of the accompanying criteria are met:

  • Will your new garage be inside 5 meters of your home?
  • Will the garage be closer to a “Street” than any piece of the “original House” and be inside 20 meters of the “Street”?
  • Will the garage have a roof stature in excess of 2.5 meters and will the tallness of the carport edge be in excess of 4 meters (13ft 1ins) ?
  • On the off chance that the carport is to have a level top, will it be higher than 3m (9ft 9ins) ?
  • Will the garage be in excess of 2.5 meters in stature inside two meters of a limit?
  • Will more than a large portion of the territory of area around the “first house”* be secured by increments or different structures?
  • Is your garage for business utilization?


The term “original house” implies the house as it was first assembled or as it remained on 1 July 1948 (on the off chance that it was fabricated before that date). In spite of the fact that you might not have assembled an augmentation to the house, a past manager may have done so.

Designated area incorporates national parks and the Broads, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, conservation zones and World Heritage Sites.

We would dependably prompt that you phone your Local Authority Planning Department, and spot to a Planning Official to affirm if your new garage requires Planning Permission.

Garage Building Regulations

Do I need Building Regulations Approval to develop a confined garage ?

You will need Building Regulations approbation, If the carport meets the accompanying conditions:

  • It is more than 30 square meters in floor range.
  • Is inside one meter far from any limit or built of non-burnable materials for instance block/piece, solid board, tiled top.
  • Contains resting convenience.

Will I need Building Regulation Approval to develop a carport that is appended to my home?

Yes, garage which are structurally joined with a house will oblige Building Regulation support.

 Drawing And Planning

If you would like Drawing and Planning to create planning drawings for your garage or handle your entire planning application, please contact us to find out how we can help you today.


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