Planning permission for side extensions

A standout amongst the most famous methods for expanding a house is to add a side expansion to the property. It can be a solitary story side augmentation or can be a twofold story relying upon different components. A side extension can have a level top or pitched top relying on the configuration of the first house.depending on the extent of the expansion, the property holder may request Planning consent.


In the event that you live inside any region that appreciates a statutory assignment, for example, a conservation area or national park, do recollect that it won’t be conceivable to assemble a side expansion without planning  authorization.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

It is undoubtedly you will oblige planning authorization on the off chance that you are wanting to build a side extension to your home. According to the most recent planning enactment an augmentation or expansion to your home is thought to be permitted development, not obliging an application for planning  authorization in the event that it satisfies the accompanying criteria:

  • No expansion forward of the key height or side rise fronting an interstate.
  • On assigned land no side expansions. Assigned area incorporates protection areas,national parks and the Broads,areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and World Heritage Sites.

On the off chance that your side augmentation does not fall in the above classifications then it is likely that Planning Permission won’t be obliged if:-

  • The augmentation to the side of the property is just single story and no higher than 4 meters and no more extensive than a large portion of the width of the first abiding house.
  •  Materials must match the current.
  • No more than half of your private arrangement range can be based upon. In this estimation, you must incorporate any out buildings that as of now exist here.

Side Extension in a Conservation Area: If you are planning a side expansion to your home in a preservation range, Planning Permission would be needed before starting any works. It is completely important to get the obliged preservation range agree preceding starting any works. Proceeding without this may bring about a fine or detainment, or both.

Side Extension in Flats or Maisonettes: If you live on a ground floor level and plan to add an expansion to your level you must request planning authorization. In the event that your level is a recorded building it is likely you will need recorded building assent and you ought to contact your neighborhood planning power for guidance before you begin work.

If its not too much trouble note that attempts to a listed building that influence its uncommon notable character without assent is a criminal offence.

 Drawing And Planning

If you would like Drawing and Planning to create planning drawings for your side extension or handle your entire planning application, please contact us to find out how we can help you today.


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